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Customer Reviews for ScandiaTek

Here’s what some of our Denver Metro Area customers are saying about us:

We've been bringing our Saabs to Mark and his team for about 20 years and have always had an honest opinion from them of what needed to be done and what could wait. The workmanship has been excellent and with the availability of rental cars, it makes it a pleasant experience. We had tried other mechanics for Saab and were usually very disappointed when we needed to bring the car back several times til it was repaired correctly...that has never happened at Scandiatek. Thanks to Mark and his team, we continue to enjoy driving a Saab !

Google Review - Kathleen Ahl

Love Scandiatek! I always get prompt and excellent service and fair pricing. Being able to get a loaner car while my car is being serviced is a fantastic benefit!

Google Review - Carlyn Ruiz

Mark and the guys won't ever let you down! Took my Saab here when I was new to Denver and couldn't find good service and I've never in over 20 years looked elsewhere. Exceptionally good service and a garage so clean I wouldn't hesitate to sit on the floor and have lunch!! Treat yourself and put your car in good hands ~ they work on every make and model. They never cut corners.

Yelp Review - Jane B.

I took my 1995 BWM to Scandiatek for cooling system repairs and am extremely satisfied with the entire experience. The customer service, initial vehicle inspection, diagnostics, and work were all excellent. They identified high priority repairs and made suggestions for future service. They described exactly what they did and took the time to show me all of the worn-out parts they replaced. I agree with the previous reviewer - they didn't give me any BS, they made sure the job was done right and didn't cut any corners, and I felt the cost was very reasonable for the high quality service they provided. I'll definitely go back to Scandiatek for all of my future repairs.

Yelp Review - Ethan A.

Excellent service, awesome knowledgeable staff that will take care of you. They work on pretty much all makes of cars - SAAB, BMW, VW, Toyota, etc.. They wont BS you, they won't cut corners and they won't rip you off. They may not be super cheap, but their prices are competitive and they won't use cheap parts. It's hard to find a really good mechanic - These guys are great .

Yelp Review - Adam R.

I've been taking my two Saab's to Scandiatek for 10 years. Mark and his team are the best. High quality work at a fair price. Greg & Nancy Wagner

Google Review - Noel Wagner

Over a 10 year period I had 2 used Saabs. After several bad and expensive experiences elsewhere, I found Scandiatek and never looked back. They do outstanding work and I felt their prices were reasonable and in-line for the service. And I loved that they always had a free loaner car. That was fantastic because I hate sitting at the shop waiting. So even if it was an oil change--I'd take off for an hour or so and head over to Home Depot or Walmart or O'Toole's Garden Center instead of waiting. I now have a new car under warranty--or I'd still be using Scandiatek.

Google Review - Linda Love

Being a person who knows nothing at all about cars or car maintenance, it's total peace of mind to me that I know I will be able to get quick, honest work done on my car and also be able to get a loaner car at the same time! Moving back to Colorado last year was made so much easier knowing that I developed a relationship with a reliable, caring and trustworthy group of people who take care of my car.

Google Review - Joy Lloyd

When I enter this business I know the fellas are going to treat me like a human being, not just another customer.

Google Review - Kathleen Millard

I always feel that you treat both me and my car the correct way... quality service, every time! I have been using their services for about 8 years and have never had a bad experience. When you ask them if your brakes need replacing they won't just say "absolutely", like some places will, and have. They actually look at your brakes and tell you the truth... very unusual these days. I also took a used car to them before I bought it and they looked it over, for almost an hour and took it for a test drive, and told me that it was in good shape... I subsequently bought it and they were right, it's been an excellent car. I don't often find businesses I can trust, but I trust Mark and Rory.

Google Review - James Little

My 2000 9-3 has been going here for several years now. They'll tell you what's wrong, what can wait, what needs to be repaired earlier rather later. Are they super cheap? Nah. But I have over 120,000 miles, 27mpg, and running perfectly. Oh yeah, no car payment for nine years now. That's cheap. I've only heard of one other good Saab shop in the metro area. I started here because it was close, and stayed here for the service, and the $5/day (or close to it. I'll claim a senior moment if I'm wrong) Saab rentals for extended service stays. I was actually in the office and overheard when Mark politely took Karl Shubert's call. First, it's spelled onus, second, I have to assume that not knowing the quality of an owner's prior work is a potential legal liability when doing work on the car.

Google Review - Kyle Thompson

I have 10 years of dealing with ScandiaTek, and they have always treated me with honesty and respect. I'm thinking of buying a used car this year--and am focusing on the types of cars they service so I wouldn't have to use another mechanic shop. They're that good. I am highly suspicious of the two bad reviews below and think they are coming from friends of a former employee. I've never once heard Mark be remotely disrespectful to a client. NEVER. He's funny, friendly, and 100% professional.

Google Review - A Google User

My husband and I have been taking our Saabs to ScandiaTek for about 20 years, and would not trust anyone else to service them. When I totalled my Saab and bought a Honda in 2006, I checked with ScandiaTek to make sure they could service my Honda before buying it, as I would not trust anyone else to work on my cars. I know I can always trust ScandiaTek to not only do excellent work but to always tell me the truth. I don't have to wonder if they are lying to me to make money or wonder if they don't know what they are doing (as some mechanics don't). Also, the owner, Mark, has always been extremely friendly and welcoming to both me and my husband. He makes us feel like very valued customers and friends. Frankly, I am baffled by the poor reviews here on Google as ScandiaTek is far and away the best auto shop I've ever been to and the only one that I fully trust. I will not buy a car unless it is a brand that they service.

Google Review - A Google User

5 Stars!

Google Review - A Google User